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F1 podcast: Why upgraded McLaren had the beating of its rivals

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As Lando Norris finally claimed a long-awaited first Formula 1 victory, The Race F1 Podcast looks at his route to success in the Miami Grand Prix.

Edd Straw is on hand to ask Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell-Malm the key question of how much that win owed to good fortune - with both the timing of a safety car and the wrong lead car being picked up contributing - and how much it was the result of impressive turn of speed from Norris in a heavily upgraded McLaren.

They also explore how significant a breakthrough this represents for Norris, a winner at the 110th attempt, why it allows him to emphatically dismiss criticism about his ability to handle high-pressure moments, and the role McLaren's team principal Andrea Stella has played in all of this.

On what was a busy weekend, the litany of penalties that left a seething Kevin Magnussen on the brink of a ban, Daniel Ricciardo's best performance yet of 2024 (and his subsequent slide back into obscurity) and the shot in the arm the Miami GP received after two poorly received previous editions are also examined - as are a host of questions from The Race Members' Club.

The Race F1 Podcast is available free to subscribe to from all good podcast suppliers, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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