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Formula 1 2025 season calendar revealed (already)

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Formula 1 has revealed its 2025 season calendar early, headlined by a rejigged initial segment that includes the Australian Grand Prix returning to the opening slot for the first time since 2019.

The Melbourne race opens the calendar on March 16 as part of a double-header with the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai.

2025 Formula 1 calendar

After opening recent seasons, the Bahrain/Saudi Arabian GP pairing moves due to the timing of Ramadan and becomes rounds four and five to complete a triple-header with Japan.

There's another triple-header to open the European season, with Imola, Monaco and Barcelona (moved up from its late-June 2024 slot) back to back in late May and early June.

Belgium and Hungary swap places so it's now the Hungaroring not Spa that leads into the summer break.

The 2024 calendar's large September into October gap is closed up by Singapore moving to a fortnight after Azerbaijan.

There's no longer an Americas triple-header as Brazil moves to a fortnight on from the Austin/Mexico back to back.

But the season again ends on a triple-header that's likely to be unpopular, with Las Vegas leading straight into Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

The November 22 Vegas date is likely to have been immovable and F1 was thought to have been keen to avoid finishing in mid-December. The season is due to conclude in Abu Dhabi on December 7.

Details of which events will include sprints or where pre-season testing will take place have not yet been finalised.

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