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Three Saturday races + three triple-headers in 2024 F1 calendar

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
3 min read

The 24-race 2024 Formula 1 season will begin with back-to-back Saturday grands prix and finish with a triple-header that ends in December.

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will kick off the season with Saturday evening races on March 2 and March 9, to enable F1 to complete these grands prix before Ramadan commences.

Ramadan begins on Sunday March 10 next year, hence Saudi Arabia’s move to a Saturday race slot. And with Bahrain just one week earlier, the turnaround would be too tight logistically if its race was on the Sunday.

The standalone Australian Grand Prix on March 24 will then be followed by races in Japan (April 7), which is brought forward from its long-held end-of-season slot, and the returning Chinese race (April 21) after a COVID-enforced absence since 2019.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Chinese Grand Prix Race Day Shanghai, China

These three races will each follow an empty weekend to ease logistics, but the regional grouping is part of F1’s efforts to improve sustainability and make its freight more efficient, although personnel will either need to fly back and forth or commit to staying out for long periods of time.

After what is loosely being termed an Asian leg to start the season, F1 will make the first of four trips to North America, for the Miami Grand Prix on May 5.

A traditional run of European races, punctuated by June 9’s Canadian Grand Prix, then follows until the summer break.

Imola and Monaco run back-to-back at the end of May, while Spain/Austria/Britain comprise the first triple-header of the season across the end of June and early July.

Hungary (July 21) remains the penultimate race before the shutdown, a slot it has moved to this season, before the retained Belgian Grand Prix (July 28), which is still on the calendar due to the failed efforts to finalise a race at Kyalami in South Africa.

After the summer break, there is a repeat of an upcoming 2023 double-header of Zandvoort (August 25) and Monza (September 1) to complete the European grands prix.

Shifting Japan to the start of the season creates a gap alongside Singapore that Azerbaijan (September 15) now fills, although Singapore will now come second (on September 22), and the absence of an early October Asian race creates a three-week gap.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Singapore Grand Prix Race Day Singapore, Singapore

That ends with the now-familiar combination of the United States, Mexican and Brazilian GPs from October 20 to November 3, once again as a triple-header, before another three-week gap to the final run of races.

The Las Vegas GP kicks off a season-ending triple-header on November 23 – another Saturday race – before two final races in December: Qatar (December 1) and Abu Dhabi (December 8).

2024 F1 calendar

Feb 21-23: Pre-season test (Bahrain)
March 2: Bahrain
March 9: Saudi
March 24: Australia
April 7: Japan
April 21: China
May 5: Miami
May 19: Imola
May 26: Monaco
June 9: Canada
June 23: Spain
June 30: Austria
July 7: Britain
July 21: Hungary
July 28: Belgium
August 25: Netherlands
September 1: Italy
September 15: Azerbaijan
September 22: Singapore
October 20: USA
October 27: Mexico
November 3: Brazil
November 23: Vegas
December 1: Qatar
December 8: Abu Dhabi

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